Amy Cummins: Interview

‘The Landscape Exhibition’ runs from Saturday, May 16th – Friday, May 29

Based in Sidmouth, Amy Cummins is a painter whose style spans from beautiful oil-on-canvas works – currently on display in ‘The Landscape Exhibition’ – to more introspective, abstract pieces. Below, she shares her background, and how she became the wonderful artist she is today. To read the exhibition review, go here.

Has art always been a part of your life?
Yes, since the age of about four or five, when I was at primary school. I won one or two competitions, and my teacher was really amazing and encouraging, and told me I had a gift – so it was from then on, from that age. I continued with it into school and college.

Your work stretches from traditional still life to more abstract pieces. What’s your work process like?
The abstract comes from very deep, emotional places a lot of the time. It’s very much spurred by the situations I’m in, or my reflections on certain situations. It’s a sort of expressionist, “I need to get this out now”. My way of working is that I like to see how the work develops, so I do the shapes, colours and layers, and I see what comes out. I’ll do a piece and afterwards I’ll understand what it’s about. The process is quite subconscious.

Where else do you turn to for inspiration?
Music plays a massive part in my abstract work, and in fact, I first started working in that way. For my portraits, I draw inspiration from the people I’m around – my family, my friends. With landscapes, it’s literally a case of going out with my camera and just seeing something that looks beautiful. I try to take a photograph or wander around to absorb it all. 

How about your current exhibition? What’s the story behind it?
It’s based on local landscapes. I really love painting landscapes, and I really love the environment and the chance to build my work with layers. I’m also going to include some prints and etchings I did at the Elephant Workshop at The Phoenix.

Do you have a favourite place to go to that you’ve painted?
One particular that I’ve done that’s in the exhibition is the landscape of a place in Cornwall that I went to years ago. It’s very peaceful, and just makes you want to go lie in its fields.

What’s next for you?
I’m going to carry on working on the local landscapes. I also hope to get some work in a gallery in the summer in Sidmouth, and hopefully I can buy a new camera! I’m also going to try to get my work further afield, such as Bristol, Bath and London.  Also, I’ll be continuing to provide art tuition.

Keep up with Amy and see more of her work here


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