Amy Cummins: ‘The Landscape Exhibition’

‘The Landscape Exhibition’ runs from Saturday, May 16th – Friday, May 29

Amy Cummins - Landscape

Amy Cummins is an artist who draws inspiration from people, music, and the twists and turns of her life. For this exhibition, however, she has looked to the natural landscape of Devon and Cornwall, including her beautiful hometown of Sidmouth, filling the Glorious Gallery with awe-inspiring horizons and heart-freeing colours.

Sitting by the door is ‘Sidmouth in the Summer’, a large canvas with thick, opaque paint showing the cliffs and the sea, with a small section of the town visible. Look along the pier, and you’ll see people caught in mid-stroll. The sky is a rich blue and cloudless, and the water, lighter with a gentle surf, laps onto the beach. Overlooking it all are the terracotta-coloured cliffs, deep green and yellow fields across their tops.

Amy’s works is endlessly serene to gaze at, an element that is echoed throughout the exhibit, showing this artist’s ability to capture the stillness and joy of nature. Hanging in the middle of the alcove is ‘The Ham’, still in the same location as ‘Sidmouth in the Summer’, but this time taking a view along the pier. A lone figure wanders along by the fence, looking out to sea, shadow elongated by the setting sun. White has been introduced to the sky and the sea is now a navy, bringing a cooler dusk touch as the day comes to a close.

A selection of Amy’s paintings focus on the wide expanse that is the sea, with picturesque lands in the corner. Much in the same way, a pebbled beach painting sits by the window, titled ‘Branscombe Beach’. A grey tinge and foaming waves hint an oncoming downpour, the large sky covered in clouds as maroon beach huts sit nestled by a cliff face.

On a smaller canvas is ‘Flower Field’, a beautiful painting of a meadow, a stretching tree line in the background with smooth, green pastures in front. All of this is spotted from behind yellow grasses and tall wildflowers, painted at eye-level, making it seem like you’re also lying in the fields. Another blue sky shows this to be a sun-drenched day, with gentle brush-strokes and subtle colours giving the piece a peaceful, idyllic-childhood spirit.

As shown in her online gallery, Amy’s art takes many forms, and behind the door in smaller frames hang her prints and etchings, the black-and-white a stark contrast to her colour-filled, glowing canvases. While ‘Opening Up’ shows the abstract, mysterious edge Amy has, the other prints wonderfully capture the darker moods of stormy English weather.

Keep up with Amy’s work here, and read the interview with Amy here


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