Art Haven: ‘In and Out of the Frame’

This exhibit is running from Saturday, August 15th to Friday, August 28th

Formed in 1999, the Art Haven is a group of talented artists showcasing their work together in unique ways. For this particular exhibit, eight local artists have come together to fill the Glorious Gallery – and all have one thing in common: their frames. Each person has been granted three frames, and each has transformed and interpreted the space in their own wonderful way.

By the door hangs the work of Anne Jackson,  who has weaved cotten, linen and yarns to create sweet and humorous tapestries with names like ‘Old Trout’ and ‘Dozy Cow’. Liese Webley‘s colourful work hangs next to this, using pinks, blues and oranges to create joyful, mixed-media collages.

Also a part of the exhibit is Andrew Vaccari, whose paper-mache creations include newspaper pulp and a Devonian mud surface finish. Simple and stunning, Vaccari’s ‘Without a Trace’ shows an open palm on a background of blue.

Again linking to Devon, David Sawyer‘s terracotta piece, ‘Devonian’, sits proud in all its warm hues. Next to it is his piece, ‘Remains to be Seen’, made using Plaster of Paris and showing the hollowed-out shapes of flowers, and rather reminiscent of honeycomb. Also by David is the piece ‘Lost Origin’, where he has used household paint on panes of glass to create a blend of blacks, dark green and lighter yellow.

Next to this hangs ‘Losing It’ by Christine Sawyer, again with a humorous edge, showing a woven tapestry of swirling blues and whites, dripping down the three frames and even dropping onto the floor.

Eye-catching is Stella Tripp‘s take on the frame, shifting the wood of the frame itself and playing with shapes and patterns within to create an intricate, colourful piece. By this hangs the beautiful forest photography of Gabi Krukenberg-Tayler, showing the diversity of styles that this group of artists have.

And of course last, but most certainly not least, are the paintings of Robert Joyce, who has exhibited his beautiful, abstract pieces at the Glorious Gallery before. A pleasing mix of colour at first glance, Robert’s paintings let your imagination run with the scenes he depicts.

Lean more about the exhibit here, and learn more about the Art Haven here


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